Another Way to Signage Referrals

What is a fast way to decrease your customer’s sign effectiveness?

The answer is to make your sign difficult to notice and/or read. The 10 dollar word used by the signage textbooks is “conspicuity.” Conspicuity is defined as “a sign’s ability to stand out from its visual surroundings and have a high probability of being noticed.”1

The principal factors that affect a sign’s conspicuity are:

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An Excellent Selling Tool for Your Signage Business

A Huge Selling Tool for Your Signage Business

What single element can greatly increase the selling power of your web site, your printed promotional items, and all of your other sales materials?

It isn’t a free offer, and it isn’t a price break. The best item to increase your site’s selling power is testimonials.

If you aren’t familiar with testimonials, they are simply customer statements of appreciation. Like someone saying “I bought my sign from Mark, and his service and quality were both excellent.”