Use the FUD Concept to Sell More Signs

Remember your basics in signage sales. One of which is the “FUD” concept. It has been used successfully by salespeople for years, and you can use it too.

FUD stand for fear, uncertainty and doubt – something that every business owner has to a degree. You can plant FUD seeds periodically in your channel letter sales presentations. Just don’t overuse them.

What are some typical business owner fears? Here are a few:

* Fear of declining revenues

Why Red Should be on Your Night Visibility Color List

Why Red Should Be on Your Night Visibility Color List

Your client just asked you for a color that has good night visibility. What do you tell them? A while back, we discussed white as a high visibility night color. Red is another contender. But why? Here is the answer. The cones of the human eye are clustered in the center of the pupil. The eye has three types of cones – red receptive, blue receptive and green receptive.

How Much Gross Margin Should I Charge for Channel Letters?

How much gross margin is appropriate for channel letter signage? Many customers have inquired about the correct markup amount for a channel letter set.

The basic answer is there is no correct amount for every situation - it varies from market to market. However, there is a way to tell if the amount you are quoting is in the correct range for your market.

It is your landing percentage. If you are pricing competitively, you should land between 25% and 40% of your quotations.

More Effective Signage in a Single Step

More Effective Signage in a Single Step

You know one of the standard problems with installing effective signage. It is “drown out”, or the tendency for a single sign to become inconspicuous in a competitive signage environment. How can you make your customer’s channel letter set stand out and be noticed?

Use this trick from the art world. Complementary colors. We’ve touched on this in a previous post and it is time to briefly revisit it. This idea works for daytime sign viewing – it will not help at night.

How to Increase Your Gross Margins

How to Increase Your Gross Margin

Many clients have asked us how to obtain better margins on their channel letter (and other signage ) sales. Here is the best way.

Show that your signage business offers more value than your competitors.  Many signage companies base their bidding only on price. Don’t make that mistake.

What is an LED Viewing Angle?

As a signage professional, it is worth your time to know about an important feature of LED illumination. That is the “viewing angle”, and the meaning of that angle is sometimes misinterpreted.

Here is a capsule explanation. The textbook definition of a viewing angle is “the peak luminous intensity measured at right angles to the surface of the LED chip”.1 It is twice the number of degrees from vertical at which luminous intensity drops to half of the peak value.  

Top Ten Reasons for Investing in Signage

Why should your customer invest in signage instead of other media? Let’s take a look at the top ten fast answers to that question.

10. Signs produce foot traffic for your customer’s business

9. Signs work for your customer 24/7 without asking for a raise (particularly electrical signs like channel letters)

8. Signage produces new customers for your customer’s business

7. Signage decreases your customer’s sales time and expense by providing an ongoing supply of new business prospects

A Street Fighting Sign Color Combination

Your customer’s channel letter sign will be in a crowded and distracting sign environment.

What is an effective color combination to use to get your customer’s fair share of attention? Keep it simple. Red face with a black return and trim cap is hard to beat.

Why is that a good combination? First, the color red is powerful. It has a long wavelength on the color spectrum.

Red also tends to appear to be closer than it actually is, so it grabs our attention first (that is why red is used in traffic lights.)

Reduce Your Shipping Cost

Chances are, you are familiar with the following scenario: You review a wholesale sign estimate and notice it does not include the shipping cost.

After calling the vendor 3 times to get the price, you realize the total project cost has changed from reasonable to high. And you are located only 300 miles from the vendor!