Signs from the Shop: Scott's Logo Box

This week we have another eye-catching logo box to share for our Signs from the Shop series.

We  have a few of our employees helping to display the freshly completed logo box. We think that the graphic detail on the illustration and the selection of high contrast, complementary colors that coordinate and pop really make this sign attractive.

Raceway vs. Wireway - Sign Builder Illustrated August 2014

John Baylis, Marketing Director at Direct Sign Wholesale, features in this month's edition of Sign Builder Illustrated. In one of his most popularly published articles, Baylis discusses the differences between raceway and wireway mounting for channel letters. While flush mounting is generally the most prevalent method used, both of these techniques merit particular benefits.

How to Sell Signage Quality

What is an effective method to sell signage quality? Here is a hint: a famous businessman once said: “I would not stay up all of one night to make $100, but I would stay up all of 7 nights to keep from losing it.” A similar quote is “the way to value something is to realize it may be lost.” So the point is the risk of loss is often a greater incentive than the prospect of gain. That risk of loss is one of your best tactics for selling signage quality.

Channel Letter Showcase: 3DeSigns Custom Signs

ThiWe are thrilled to have another set of Direct Sign Wholesale channel letters to showcase this week. We created this sign for our friends at 3Designs Custom Signs in New York. Their customer, National Bank of Coxsackie, needed a channel letter sign for their newest location as they expand with branches upstate NY.

The Ultimate Channel Letters Question: Price vs. Quality

Working at a signage company, you’ll know that product quality is an important factor to the lifespan of a sign, in addition to the satisfaction of customers. We know it can be tempting to skimp a little on quality so you can offer lower prices than your competitors in hopes of acquiring more business; however, this line of thinking can actually harmful to your company’s reputation in the long run. We believe the key points to earning trust, respect and repeat business of your customers is by putting your best products forward.

Network with Channel Letter Peers | MSSA and TSSA Trade Shows

Direct Sign Wholesale is excited to announce we will be attending two regional trade shows in the upcoming weeks: the MSSA Convention and the Tri-State Sign Expo. MSSA Annual Meeting & Trade Show The Mid-South Sign Association is holding their annual convention in New Orleans, LA beginning this Wednesday, July 23, through Saturday, July 26. Our Sales Manager David Frank will be representing Direct Sign Wholesale at booth No. 48.

Sell More Signs with a Distinct Advantage

Sell More Signs with a Distinct Advantage

Each type of sign has an advantage (or several) over other signs. You can use those advantages to make your project proposals more effective and close more signage sales. For example, a standup mobile sign is easily portable. That is an excellent advantage for that type of sign – and one that many other sign types don’t offer.