Effective Sign Design From the Get-Go

If your client is starting a business, effective signage can be one of their greatest (not to mention most affordable) marketing tools. Channel letter signs, as well as others, are generally the first business impression a customer receives, so you want to make sure they are eye-catching, professional and clear. Of course, the key to a good sign is attractive company branding and design. So, from the get-go, you want to make sure your logo, fonts and colors will work well with any medium, from print, web to signage!


What is the Difference Between a Raceway and a Wireway?

Raceway vs. Wireway – What is the Difference?

Flush mounting is the most common mounting type for front lit channel letters. But there are two other possibilities. Channel letter signs may also be mounted to either a raceway or a wireway. What is the difference? (Click here for our YouTube video on this subject)

No.6 Secret Ingredient to Sign Business Success

John Lewis, President of Direct Sign Wholesale, has visited successful sign companies during his five-month journey across the West Coast. His goal is to meet with key sign companies to find out their secret ingredient to business success. Lewis has shared his takeaways along the way via the Signage Success Tour blog. Most recently, he writes about Secret Ingredient #6: Key Employees.

Secret Ingredient to Business Success: Integrity

When John Lewis, President of Direct Sign Wholesale, added integrity as a secret ingredient to business success on the Signage Success Tour blog, I couldn’t help but to think Abraham Lincoln, aka Honest Abe.

"Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln

Day and Night Channel Letters

John Baylis, Marketing Director at Direct Sign Wholesale, writes about the difference of day/night channel letters in the April Edition of Sign & Digital Graphics trade magazine. The article is titled, “Channel Lighting Techniques, Day and Night Difference” (Read the Full Article).

Secret Ingredient: Phone Accessibility

How many times have you dialed a business phone number only to reach a recording, or even worse, an automated answering system?

In his latest blog post on the Signage Success Tour, John Lewis, President of Direct Sign Wholesale, outlines the third secret ingredient to sign business success: phone accessibility. Even while on the road, John sets aside a few hours to call customers that he’d like to visit the following week.