What is a Channel Letter Logo Box?

What is a logo box and how can it help my customer’s sign? Channel letter signs do not only have to be letters. They can (and often do) include a logo box as a separate element. A logo box is an excellent opportunity to help your customer to brand their business and improve their signage results.

What is a logo box? It is a separate contoured element of a channel letter sign that typically displays the customer’s business logo, tag line or branding statement. A logo box can take almost any shape. A logo box is also called a contoured channel letter or a contoured logo.

What are the differences between a logo box and a light box or cabinet sign? Light boxes and cabinet signs typically have squared corners and are illuminated by fluorescent tubing. In contrast, a logo box can take almost any shape and is typically lit by LED. This “shaping flexibility” is a strong logo box selling point compared to the standardized shape of a cabinet sign. Another difference is that logo boxes use trim cap and screws to adhere the sign face to the can, whereas a cabinet sign will use a retainer.


Here is a logo box example:  Juicy Kitchen Logo Box

Why bother with a logo box? Because it can add a substantial branding and effectiveness element to your customer’s channel letter sign. A sign that might look flat with the letters alone can really “pop” when a logo box is added. A logo box can increase your customer’s overall sign effectiveness – and will keep that customer coming back to you in the future. Check these two signs as an example. Which of the two would you be more likely to notice and/or remember?  

Semion sign with logo box    

Petco sign – no logo box  

What other reasons can I give my customer to add a logo box? Tell them it offers a significant opportunity to increase their marketing image and brand equity through signage. Your customer’s logo appears in their other advertising and on their web site – so why shouldn’t it be included on their channel letter sign?

For example, if your customer runs a local magazine print advertisement, that ad (hopefully) includes their company logo. That same logo will then appear on the sign’s logo box. That creates a 1-2 visual advertising punch that a channel letter sign without a logo box does not have. That also furthers the essential process of building a brand through image recognition and recall, which is critical for the long term viability of a business.

In addition, logo boxes offer another significant advertising opportunity. If your customer’s business has an easily identifiable product as part of their logo design, that translates into another significant logo box strength. Through a prominent logo box product image (a hamburger, for example), the logo box quickly transmits a businesses’ primary area of activity to the consumer. No need to read words or worry about whether the consumer had time to understand the words while they drive on a busy street.

A logo box product image is an instant visual connection to the consumer’s brain – without reading. That is another way a logo box can quickly pay off. So improve your customer’s channel letter sign with the addition of a logo box. It will help your customer to build their business.