The Benefits of Effective Signage

The Benefits of Effective Signage

Let’s revisit a topic we’ve discussed in the past. The business and marketing benefits of an effective signage program.

Note that this is not restricted to channel letters. This list applies to all signage types.

Here is the key principle to remember as you write your proposal copy: there is a difference between features and benefits. Your sign proposal will be much more effective if it is written with a list of benefits list rather than features.

Here is an example:

Channel Letter Sign Feature: 3/8” colorfast face acrylic

Channel Letter Sign Benefit: Increased foot traffic

So what are the benefits of effective signage? Here are a few for you to use:

·         Reduce other advertising expenditures (good signage alone can make a viable marketing program)

·         Cultivation of a professional brand image

·         Foot traffic generation

·         Generation/maintenance of a customer base

·         Top of mind business awareness

·         Continual new customer generation/exposure

·         Constant communication of product or service offering

·         Higher gross revenues

·         Opportunity to recruit better employees (steady cash flow makes this possible)

·         Greater consistency in location cash flow

·         Long term employee retention (employees know when a business is doing well and do not have to worry about the stability of their paychecks)

·         Faster inventory turns (which lead to better supplier terms)

·         Good business neighbor reputation – asset to the business community

·         Effective contrast to competitive signage – shows what is different about a business

·         Business image of professionalism

·         Group of 24 hour sales employees (effective signs sell a business constantly)

·         Generate location sales immediately upon opening – no waiting for the “word to get out”

 Populate your signage proposal with benefits. Benefits sell more effectively than features.


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