Channel Letters with Border Configuration

What is a Border Configuration?

A “border” configuration is another method for a vinyl application to change the appearance of a channel letter sign.

The border name comes from the material placement – the vinyl is placed along the border of the letter face only (as opposed to a reveal vinyl configuration, which covers the interior of the letter face.)

Channel Letter with Border Vinyl Configuration

This configuration offers some excellent opportunities for additional sign conspicuity.

For example, one layout is to produce the vinyl border, trim cap and return the same color as the building façade.

That configuration makes the sign message stand out distinctly, as it places a heavy emphasis on the letter face color.

Another benefit of a border configuration is to make the sign more legible when being viewed from an angle.The additional “side” on each letter face results in increased legibility because the vinyl border emphasizes the letter shape and thereby increases the sign legibility – particularly when the sign is viewed from an angle.

Custom channel letter designs may also benefit from a border configuration, like the sign below.

This layout allows a custom design to be accurately represented without the problems that are sometimes associated with the physical construction of a custom font.

Logo Box with Border Vinyl Configuration

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