Increase Your Project Margin

Your client is opening a new business location that will require several types of signage. What is typically the last item to which they pay attention as they approach their grand opening?

You know the answer. Signage. It never seems to be high on their priority list. Even when you’ve mentioned that signage can take time, they want to do everything else first.

As a retailer, what can you do?

The answer is to recognize this situation for what it is – an opportunity. A client in “time need” will not only be willing to pay for an installation that is done on their shortened timeline but will also remember you in the future when other signs are needed. This situation presents both a marketing and high margin project opportunity.

How is this a margin opportunity? The profit associated with a sign project can partially be a function of timing. If you are the only vendor who can confidently state you can meet their pending grand opening date, then you are in the driver’s seat. Emphasize that this late start is a major imposition on your company’s time, but you think it is possible.

The thought of opening with incomplete signage is a very unpleasant (and potentially embarrassing) prospect for your client. They will be more agreeable to a higher price when they finally realize the implications of their delay.

That is your chance to come to the rescue. Your quote with a higher margin is non-negotiable. Your schedule will be very busy for a couple of weeks to get the project completed on time, but the higher margin will be worth it.

Keep Direct Sign Wholesale’s fast turn times in your back pocket – they are the ace in your deck. DSW may be able to meet your channel letter timeline when other letter producers can’t. Check our home page for the latest letter shipment dates.


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