Sell More Signs by Stressing the Positive

In your channel letter proposals, what do you list for an installation period?

You probably state something like “production and installation will take about five weeks.” Right?

Here is an idea. Don’t list the waiting period. The waiting period is a negative, and your proposals need to stress the positive.

Here is the trick: state the installation date instead. That is the positive.

Why? Because most customers feel better about knowing a specific delivery date rather than thinking about how long they must wait.

For a business owner, a new channel letter set (or any other major sign) is an emotional investment. That letter sign is a symbol of the persistence and hard work they have placed into their enterprise. A waiting period is not a welcome concept when they consider their new sign.

So instead of listing this in your proposal:

Production and Installation will be about six weeks

List this instead:

Your sign will be complete and installed by May 10th

Accentuate the positive, as the song says. You’ll close more proposals that way.

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