What is a Reveal Channel Letter Configuration?

What is a reveal channel letter configuration?

A reveal configuration is a simple method to alter the appearance of a channel letter set.

This configuration can create a memorable appearance when properly placed.

A reveal configuration is simply a vinyl layer placed over part of the face exterior.

This vinyl placement keeps the outside part of the letter acrylic visible but covers the center (see below.)


This layout may solve a common illumination issue. Some acrylic colors (such as dark green, dark blue and burgundy) do not project light effectively as they tend to absorb much of the illumination.

If your client’s project specifies one of these face colors, a reveal configuration can provide the necessary branding color while eliminating the illuminated appearance issue.

The channel letter set below is a good example. It has white face acrylic with dark blue vinyl placed in a reveal configuration.

Note the prominent and legible night appearance despite the usage of dark blue.


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