When is Vinyl Your Best Face Application Choice?

As a part of their new channel letter set, your client has just requested a two color design on the face of their logo box.

Would they be better off with a simple vinyl application or a digital print?


Logo Box with Vinyl Application

Here are two simple rules. Vinyl can be an excellent face application choice under these conditions:

·   The design has four colors or less

·   The design does not have a high degree of detail

·   The sign is of a standard size (36” or less is a reasonable rule of thumb)

If your client’s design meets those criteria, then a vinyl covering may be a better choice than a digital print.

On the other hand, if your client’s design has multiple colors, is a large sign and/or a detailed graphic design a digital print is your best bet in terms of both cost and appearance.

Channel Letter Logo Box with Digital Print

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