Why Should Your Client Invest in a Backer Panel?

Why should your client invest in a backer panel?

You’ve recommended a backer panel to your signage client for their reverse channel letter set, and they want to know why. What do you tell them?

Channel Letter Set with Backer Panel

Here is reason #1: Backer panels provide both a smoothness and color integrity to the halo of reverse lit channel letters. Without a panel, letter halos can sometimes pick up both the color and texture of the building façade.

This can influence the overall performance of the sign. Though the letters will probably still be completely legible, their illuminated appearance may not be as strong as they would be with a backer panel.

Here is reason #2: A backer panel can also provide optimal daytime letter exposure. The backer panel color can be chosen to provide a very strong level of contrast – probably stronger than the building facade itself. So a panel lets you and your client select the best color for daytime letter legibility instead of simply accepting the building façade color.

Put those two reasons together and you have a strong rationale for investing in a backer panel. It provides your client an excellent return on their channel letter investment by promoting visibility in both day and night viewing environments.

For further backer panel information, please see Direct Sign Wholesale's backer panel video:



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