Direct Sign Wholesale Helps Build Escape Room Sign

Over the years, we’ve worked with many clients on some fascinating projects. We’ve built signs for golf courses, well-known chain restaurant groups, and even movie theaters. We’re now proud of partnering with La Crosse Sign Group to build a sign for an escape room.

Based out of Wisconsin, La Crosse Sign Group is a custom sign manufacturer. The company was contracted by Booby Trap Escape Rooms in Wisconsin Dells, WI, to build a large lock maze outside of the business. The sign, which is a giant padlock made of out twists and turns, signifies what’s inside of this escape room: a challenging, yet intriguing maze. Guests walk through the giant “lock maze” before the game even begins.

Although the design and intrigue was coming together, the only problem was that the company needed support for the letters within the sign. La Crosse Sign Group looked to Direct Sign Wholesale for the channel letters portion of this unique project. “…we were not able to compete with the cost and quick turnaround of all the lighted channel lettering that Direct Sign Wholesale was able to provide for us,” said James Fuchsel, a project manager at La Crosse Sign Group. “This partnership was a win-win for all parties involved.”

Once the sun goes down, Booby Trap Escape Rooms’ lock maze comes to life with red illumination. The channel letters accompany the design by drawing in escape room participants, and giant green keys inspire hope of completing the task at hand.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Direct Sign Wholesale is the largest producer of custom channel letter signs in the U.S. We strive to offer a convenient design process, a competitive price point, and a product that will attract any company’s potential customers. Whether your client needs a sign for their bar, restaurant, retail store, or escape room, we’ll work with you to deliver a sign that meets their expectations.

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