How to Choose an Outdoor Sign for a Business

Shopping around for an outdoor sign for your client? Although it might just be a sign, an outdoor sign has a lot of importance. It will attract the client’s customers, direct them where to go, and the sign will also convey their messaging.

Direct Sign Wholesale specializes in channel letter signs, the best option for any business looking for a durable, customized, and high-quality outdoor sign. Follow these guidelines to help you find the perfect outdoor sign for a business.

Focus on your client’s message.

The first step in finding a channel letter outdoor sign is figuring out what its purpose is. Will the sign represent the client’s logo? Is it just the name of the company? Is it a sign for directing people where to go? Once you realize the purpose of the sign, you can understand the required aspects of the sign.

Ensure you can customize it.

Most businesses want a unique and original sign – one that stands out among competitors’ signs, is a resource for customers, and represents the brand. In order to achieve all that, a custom sign is key. You’ll want to make sure you can match the client’s colors, fonts, and style. Channel letter signs are fully customizable, so you won’t have to worry about ordering a sign that won’t meet your client’s needs. Direct Sign Wholesale also uses a color-matching process called the Matthews Paint System to ensure your client’s colors are represented perfectly in the sign.

Find a sign with the right illumination.

Another important aspect of finding an outdoor sign for a business is the sign’s illumination. If the sign doesn’t light up, customers and employees will have a harder time finding the business. A light-up sign glows during both the day and night, so the sign will stand out among others, especially if it’s in a shopping center or area with a lot of other businesses. For our LED channel letter signs, we primarily use Principal LED lighting. Our additional light-up signs come in a variety of illumination options: standard front lit letters, reverse (halo) lit channel letters, and front/back lit channel letters. 

Look for a sign that will last.

Since your client’s sign will be outside, you’ll want to make sure the client doesn’t come back and complain about the sign breaking down due to the sun and weather. To keep your client happy, a high-quality channel letter sign will do the trick. The front of our channel letters is made out of acrylic, which is impact resistant, fully customizable, and bright – even in harsh weather conditions. Because of this dependable acrylic material, channel letter signs typically last for years. Direct Sign Wholesale also has a warranty that will cover the sign’s materials and components for five years. Learn more about the Direct Sign Wholesale warranty.

Find more options and information about our high-quality, long-lasting, and customizable channel letter signs.

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