How to Sell Channel Letter Quality

How Can You Sell Channel Letter Quality?

You’ve heard us talk about Direct Sign Wholesale’s ongoing emphasis on channel letter quality. What are the specifics of our product that comprise superior quality? Here is a brief list:

AUTOMATED BENDING – Automated bending equipment ensures an exact match to your customer’s letter production file – and that means a correctly shaped letter sign. By comparison, hand bending assumes the operator produces a bend that matches the file. One lapse in operator concentration and your customer’s letter return looks slightly “off.”

FACE ACRYLIC – DSW uses 3/16” colorfast face acrylic. This is a stronger and longer lasting material than 1/8” acrylic – which is what many of our competitors use.

RETURN PAINT – DSW uses only acrylic polyurethane paint. This is in contrast to some of our competitors who use lower grade paints – including house paint.

PRECISION ROUTING – Our letters are cut by CNC routers. Again, this means an excellent match to your customer’s production file. Believe it or not, some other producers actually cut some letter parts using a jigsaw. Again, it is difficult to match automated precision.

RETURN TO FACE TOLERANCE – This is a critical difference. A letter face must be produced just slightly larger than the return. If the face does not fit the return properly, then the face can either come off (if it is too loose) or break during a removal attempt (if it is too tight.) Our methods ensure an accurate fit.

So when we say “superior quality”, these are some of the differences between DSW and our competitors. Use these specific differences in your channel letter sales efforts.