How a strong sales person can influence your business

Solid revenues in our business is easy. Customers know exactly what they want, they always opt for the best solution instead of the least expensive one, and they are well-researched in their options.


Wait, what?


Exactly. Nothing in the above scenario is remotely true. Which is why you need a strong salesperson on your team and system in place to ensure you can manage your sales funnel, over-deliver to your customers, and increase your bottom line. While you may think of yourself as a signage supplier, you really should consider yourself a signage seller, and have the proper people on your team who can fill the sales role – and the proper resources to support them.


Done properly and with integrity, sales is not about pushing the most product to get the highest revenue; it’s about providing excellent customer service and a quality product for your customer that makes their life/business easier or better, and gives them more value than the money it takes to buy. A strong salesperson truly understands their products and takes the time to ask the right questions to determine what a customer really needs.


For salespeople to take care of their clients, they need a reputable and experienced supplier that is an expert in the field, solid marketing toolkit to help customers make decisions, and sales systems that ensure that prospects and customers have a good experience. Let Direct Sign Wholesale become an extension of your sales team. We are the most technologically advanced and largest dedicated channel letter producer in North America.


Use our Resources page to strengthen and streamline your selling process. We have Channel Letter Material Color Charts, Cut Sheet Diagrams and a Channel Letter Information Guide to help you work with customers to discuss options and determine solutions. Our Installation Directory will help you find a dependable sign installation company in your area, and our library of videos, including “What is the Minimum Channel Letter Size?” “How to Wire RGB LED Channel Letters” and “How to Use Logo Boxes” will make your sales team experts.


When your front line understands the intricacies of channel letter design and installation, and has the proper systems in place to get a fast quote and readily find local installation companies, they will be able to inform customers to make the best signage decisions, instead of the cheapest one. By providing expert information, delivering a seamless design and installation process, and taking care of your customers, you will increase repeat business and referrals, which advances your business and revs up your revenues.

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