The Types of Channel Letter Signs We Produce

If your client is in need of a sign that will stand out, accurately represent their brand, and last through weather and seasonal changes, a channel letter sign could be the perfect option. Channel letter signs are the most popular type of outdoor sign, as they are made to cleanly and professionally show customers where a business or building is located.

Direct Sign Wholesale’s channel letter signs are durable, and we customize each one based on the client’s brand and the purpose of the sign. We use LED lighting, which offers efficiency, light-weight design, and lower maintenance. Because we see the benefit of a channel letter sign versus other types of outdoor signs, we specialize in and only sell channel letter signs. However, we offer a variety of channel letter sign options.

Whether your client is looking for a glow effect, a sign that showcases their logo and product, or a simple sign with their company name, we can customize a sign that will perfectly represent their brand and direct their customers to the entrance of their business.

Here are the types of channel letter signs Direct Sign Wholesale offers:

Front Lit Letters

If you’re wondering what the most common type of channel letter sign is, look no further than the front lit channel letter sign. This product is popular because of its ability to light up during both the day and night. The LED lighting is incorporated into the face of each letter, to help the client’s name and brand stand out at all times.

Reverse Lit Letters

Another popular choice in channel letter signs is the reverse lit option, which give the client’s company name and brand a halo effect. Since the sign is away from the wall a bit, this allows the light to provide a misty, elegant appearance.

Front/Back Lit Letters

To really accentuate a client’s name and brand, a front and back lit channel letter sign can really make a building pop. This type of sign achieves the back-lit glow, while also ensuring each letter is lit up from the front, too.

Logo Boxes

Logo boxes could be a great option for a client who wants to showcase their logo, an image, or a tagline on their building. These oftentimes appear on a boutique, bakery, restaurant, or flower shop. A logo box can help showcase what type of product, service, or experience your client offers, such as haircutting scissors for a salon or a cupcake for a bakery. These signs can be customized and can come with LED lighting.

Display Signs

Besides outdoor channel letter signs, we also offer custom display signs. This type of sign can be fully customized with different fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes. This is a good option for an indoor gallery, department, or exhibit.

Learn more about Direct Sign Wholesale’s custom channel letter sign options!

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