When Should You Specify a Digital Print instead of Vinyl?

A digital print has both similarities and differences from a vinyl application. Both are adhesive materials that are placed on the letter or logo box face to alter the appearance of a channel letter set.

However, a digital print has certain capabilities that a vinyl application lacks. First, while vinyl is typically used only for designs of three colors or less, a digital print can include as many colors as are specified by your customer’s channel letter set design.

Another variable that may require a digital print is the level of graphic detail in the design. If the layout has an intricate design with multiple components, then a digital print is needed.

A digital print is also typically less expensive than vinyl when multiple colors are involved. If a design has more than two colors, a digital print will usually be less costly.

Also, remember that not every color can be matched with the vinyl color set. If your customer’s layout calls for a specific PMS color that is not available in vinyl, a digital print can solve that problem.

Channel Letter Logo Box with Digital Print

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