Why Channel Letter Signs are Better Than Other Signs

When researching the types of signs out there for a storefront or company building, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to find the perfect sign for a business. There are a lot of different signage options, but Direct Sign Wholesale only specializes in one category ­– and for good reason.

Channel letter signs are not only the sole type of signage we offer, but they're also the only type of sign we recommend. From a channel letter sign's durability to its customizability, there are plenty of positive reasons why the channel letter sign is one of the best business sign options out there.

The sign is visible from miles away.

If you're searching for a sign to put on a business, that probably means the business wants people to find it ­– whether they're customers, clients, or employees. Channel letter signs are typically produced in a large font, giving the sign reliable visibility. But because the signs are also 3-D, this gives them dimension and depth. A lot of business signs are flush with the building, so they can be hard to see from far away. Our well-constructed 3-D channel letters ensure that everyone looking for the business can find it.

The signs are clean, professional, and high-quality.

Whether the sign is for a storefront or another type of business, making sure the business comes off as organized and professional is key. This includes signage. A poor-quality sign could send the wrong message, even if the inside of the company is impressive. A channel letter sign is high-quality and designed with the latest technology. This ensures that the sign will look professional, hold its shape, and last.

Channel signs are fully customizable.

Every business is unique, and it needs to stand out among competitors. To achieve this, most businesses put a lot of attention and detail into branding, and they want a sign that will reflect their brand. If the client has some original colors in their logo or brand guidelines, we can use the Matthews Paint System to perfectly match them. If they need to use a particular font, we’ll strategically customize the font to

The sign’s illumination is also customizable.

Whether a business is or isn’t open past dark, the sign will still be up to represent the company. To support this, channel letter signs are designed with customizable illumination in a few different options. Direct Sign Wholesale offers LED letters, front lit letters, front/back lit letters, and exposed neon letters. All of our illumination options will ensure the sign stands out and is visible at all times of day and night.

Channel letter signs can last for years.

Another benefit of a channel letter sign is that it can typically last for years. Each custom sign is designed carefully and purposefully in order to establish the highest quality possible. The durability and lifespan of the sign might depend on the weather surrounding its location, but Direct Sign Wholesale also offers a 60-month warranty on all of our sign materials.

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