Why We Only Produce Channel Letters

In 1995, our retail sign business was born.  It taught us a lot about the industry, business and where the industry was lacking.  So in October of 2002 we sold that retail business and started Direct Sign Wholesale.  We decided to get in the channel letter production industry because nobody in the West was doing it at the time.  Since then, we’ve had customers ask us to make every type of sign out there, and we have always declined because we specialize in channel letters, and are very, very good at it.

The decision to focus solely on channel letters has been the right choice for us because we want to be excellent at producing one thing well, rather than mediocre at several. We want our word to matter to our partners, and the more we add on, the more cogs in the system and more possible kinks in the chain, so we remain singular in our business.

Being exceptional is important to everyone on the DSW team, and by focusing on one thing only, we do it with accuracy, quality, on time, 99.2% of the time. Our estimates are delivered within two to four hours, and our letters have a typical eight-day production turnaround. Because of our dedicated attention to one product, we have the time and capacity to easily and quickly see if and where system improvements can be made. We employ lean manufacturing techniques in production and in the front office to help ensure that our promised date is actual and obtainable. We want to under promise and over deliver.

As your partner, we work hard to earn your confidence, as it’s our goal to make you shine for your end user. We want your customers to be happy, to give you repeat business and to refer you to their colleagues. We desperately desire to help your business grow both the top end and bottom end of your P and L.

To exceed your expectations and deliver on our promise, we are constantly refining and improving our systems. Our Quality Control (QC) starts on Day One with very detailed and complete estimates that are turned around quickly by our Project Managers. We ensure you know exactly what you are signing off on before it goes into production. Each of our departments is managed by a specialist and has its own QC manager, so each project is QC’d and verified eight different times against a 19-point checklist. Every step is verified and each person is held accountable throughout. Our level of quality control is unparalleled in the industry.

In addition to exceptional quality we back our channel letters with the industry leading warranty. With a 5-year materials and components warranty your customers won’t need to worry about any defects in their purchase. We know it’s a high ticket item for your customers so you’ll be able to sell the channel letters with confidence that they will be happy for years to come with the end result.

Our focus on channel letters allows us to have time to continually improve our processes and deliver the best product to our partners, so we always can exceed expectations not just meet them. We value each of our partners and hope that our singular focus adds tremendous value to your customers’ experience and your bottom line.