The Best Type of Channel Letter Signs for Retail Stores

These days, it’s more difficult than ever to grab (and hold) consumers’ attention. With seemingly endless shopping options to choose from and the ever-growing online shopping trend, brick-and-mortar retail stores have to do more to stand out.

The solution to this modern-day retail dilemma? Channel letters. More durable, visible and effective than other types of signage, channel letters can make a huge difference for retail stores. Learn why else channel letters are better than other signs

At Direct Sign Wholesale, we produce all different types of channel letters. The type of channel letter sign your retail clients will need will depend on the type of retailer are, their location, branding and business hours. Here are the best types of channel letter signs for retail stores.

Front Lit Channel Letters

The most common type of channel letter sign is the front lit channel letter sign because it can light up during both the day and night. Front lit channel letters are best for retailers located in a shopping center, business centers or other areas that are home to lots of other businesses. This is because the LED lighting incorporated into the face of each letter really helps the retailer’s name stand out at all times.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse lit channel letters, also called halo lit or back lit channel letters, are a great channel letter choice for retail clients that want their customers to feel cozy, comfortable or at-home. The reverse lighting technique creates a soft halo effect, and since the sign is away from the wall a bit, the light provides a misty, elegant appearance.

Halo lit channel letters are the perfect choice for your department store clients and businesses like spas or salons,, as these brands typically want to evoke a feeling of comfort, elegance, or home.

Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

For your retail clients that really want to make their name and brand pop, front/back lit channel letters are a great option. This type of sign achieves the back-lit glow, while also lighting each letter from the front too.

This dual-lighting technique makes front-back lit channel letters perfect for 24/7 retailers like superstores and all-night groceries, as they can be seen from far away and will catch the eye of any passerby.

Logo Boxes

Logo boxes are a great channel letter signage option for your retail clients that want to showcase what type of product, service, or experience they offer. Clients can feature their logo, tagline or even an image using a logo box. Adding a logo will help reinforce brand recognition and help customers easily identify what type of business is located there.

For example, a retail flower store client might want a logo box with a bouquet of flowers incorporated into their signage.

Let Direct Sign Wholesale Create Your Retail Client’s Channel Letters

Whether your client is looking for a glow effect, a sign that showcases their logo and product, or a simple sign with their company name, we can customize a sign that will perfectly represent their brand and get their customers in the doors.


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