How to Enhance an Outdoor Sign

An outdoor sign has a lot of purpose. It can direct customers to where a business is, give the business brand recognition, and help a business get in front of new customers. But if it’s poorly designed or it’s not enhanced, the business’ sign might be keeping customers from entering the door.

In comes Direct Sign Wholesale. We ensure your client’s sign is directing customers and drawing them in, and we offer a few ways to enhance a custom channel letter sign. With our help and expertise, an outdoor sign can take a business from being present to be preferred over all of its competitors nearby. Here are four ways to enhance an outdoor channel letter sign:

Give it Some Color

Your client might want a subtle approach to their channel letter sign. Their branding might have muted colors within it, so they might prefer a sign in a classic white or black channel letter. But in order to make a sign — and business — stand out, color might be the key. At Direct Sign Wholesale, we make custom channel letter signs, and one of the most popular customizations is color. From basic reds, blues, and other classic colors to brighter, more custom shades, we’re able to deliver the perfect color for your client’s sign. 

Add Lighting

One of the most important aspects of a sign is whether or not it lights up. Your customer’s business might only be open during the daytime, but that doesn’t mean their sign can’t light up at all hours of the day. We offer a variety of lighting options for channel letter signs, including: front lit, back lit, reverse lit, and front/back lit signs. We use Principal LED as our main source of LED lighting, but we’re able to use a specific type of LED light if that’s what your customer prefers.

Freshen it up with a New Look

If your customer’s sign isn’t drawing in customers and doesn’t stand out among other signs around it, it might be time for a completely new look. We’re an expert in designing channel letter signs, so we can achieve just about any look your client’s business is going for. We’re able to customize fonts, colors, lighting, and size to accomplish a professional, well-designed outdoor sign.

Add a Logo or Iconography

If your client’s sign isn’t personal to their business, that could be one reason why it needs to be refreshed. Adding a logo will make the sign receive brand recognition, and it could also showcase what type of business is located there. If the logo won’t look right on the sign, we could also customize iconography. For instance, a bakery could feature a cake or cookie icon, or a restaurant could feature a hamburger icon to represent the product. We also offer channel letter logo boxes, which directly correlate the sign to the product or company.

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