4 Books That Will Help You Grow Your Channel Letter Business

Books are a great resource for every entrepreneur. By reading how other people have become successful (and soaking up the lessons they’ve learned from their mistakes), you pave the way for you to follow in their footsteps, without needing to make those same mistakes. Of course, with so many business-building books out there, it can be difficult to decide what to read with the little time business owners have. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 4 books that can help you shape your company’s culture, sales program, marketing efforts, and everyday processes. 

2 Second Lean By Paul Akers 

What it’s About: This book explores lean manufacturing, which is a popular production method commonly used to streamline processes. You’ll learn how to make your business more effective while eliminating lost time, waste, and other inefficiencies. 


Why you Should Read It: Whether it’s on the manufacturing floor or in your home office, there’s waste all around us. By eliminating waste (whether it be overproduction, excess materials, or wasted time), we can become more efficient and happier at our jobs. Paul Akers breaks down lean manufacturing into easy-to-understand pieces, and the accompanying videos on YouTube help leaders implement changes that make their businesses run smoother than ever. 

The Challenger Sale by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon 

What it’s About: This book challenges the classic sales approach and reveals the secret to consistently landing sales. Based on a study of thousands of sales representatives in multiple industries, this book digs into the different personality traits of salespeople and how to make your team more effective. 


Why you Should Read It: Sales are the heart of your channel letter business, and learning how to create strong relationships between your sales team and their customers is the difference between success and failure. The Challenger Sale will change your teams’ paradigm of what sales looks like and give you a roadmap for your future sales strategy. 

Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller 

What it’s About: This book uses the seven universal story points that humans respond to in order to explain effective marketing strategies. Using this paradigm, Donald Miller teaches you how to build a strong emotional connection between your brand and your customer base. 


Why you Should Read It:Building A StoryBrand will transform how you connect with your customers. Rather than positioning your business as the hero, this book challenges you to act as your clients’ guide. In this role, you’ll focus on helping them build their business or meet their own goals. Implementing tactics from this book will transform your marketing strategy and help you grow authentic relationships with your clients. 

Leadership and Self Deception by Arbinger Institute 

What it’s About: Self-deception leads us to view other people and their needs as less important. To build a great culture, leaders must grow “outside of the box” of self-deception. Doing so will allow them to help others succeed and achieve results.   


Why you Should Read It: Great culture is imperative to running a successful business, and it starts from the top. By examining your relationships in the workplace, you’ll create a more open, trusting, and collaborative environment that invites employees to do their best every day, both in their personal and professional lives.  


At Direct Sign Wholesale, we’ve read these books and seen the results firsthand. As your partner in the channel letter industry, we want to pass our learning onto you and help you meet your business goals. Now the question is: which book will you read first?