Can You Afford Letter Channel Materials?

For years, we’ve known that unless your business is producing at least 20+ channel letter sets per month, it doesn’t pay to manufacture your own letters. As COVID-19 continues to impact supply chains, manufacturing channel letters is even more expensive than it was a year or two ago. Luckily, by partnering with Direct Sign Wholesale, you can capitalize on our buying power and manufacturing capabilities, allowing you to protect your bottom line and focus on landing more sales. Learn more about how partnering with Direct Sign Wholesale can solve your sourcing issues and deliver the quality products your clients expect. 

Win The Inflation Battle  

With high demand and delayed supply lines, channel letter materials are more expensive than ever. As their popularity rose during COVID-19, sheets of acrylic are becoming harder to find and order - and when you can find them, costs have more than doubled. Acrylic isn’t the only material that’s been highly impacted by inflation: lumber, which is commonly used to safely ship and transport channel letters, has increased 228% compared to April 2020. If you’re not buying in bulk, these numbers can skyrocket, making it difficult to source materials and manufacture letters without dramatically increasing the price of your product. 


Direct Sign Wholesale focuses only on manufacturing and orders lumber, acrylic, and other channel letter materials in bulk. Day in and day out, we negotiate with suppliers to get the best deal on materials - and transfer the savings onto you. 



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Leverage Buying Power

If you’re manufacturing your own letters, you’re likely limited to a handful of suppliers who don’t give you much choice when it comes to price. As one of America’s largest channel letter manufacturers, we leverage our buying power to compare costs and identify supply shortages /surpluses to cut down the price on materials. This saves you the capital investment and the time you’d normally spend bargain-hunting. 

Focus On What You Do Best

Let’s face it - cost comparison, negotiation, and inventory management are time-consuming. By outsourcing your manufacturing, you can focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. With Direct Sign Wholesale as your partner, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal at the best price - without sacrificing quality or lead time. 

Are you interested in offering your customers the best prices, fastest lead time, and highest-quality channel letters in the industry? Get started by contacting us or requesting a quote today.