How Long Is Your Sign Estimate Good For?

When it comes to closing a deal on signage and channel letters, having an accurate estimate is key. Getting a quick estimate can build trust with your potential client - but what happens when they need more time to weigh their options and make a final choice? In today’s blog, we’re discussing the importance of guaranteed estimates and how honoring estimates can set your sign business apart. 


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Do Guaranteed Estimates Matter? 

Absolutely. We know being timely is important in the sign industry, and providing an accurate and quick estimate can be the difference between landing a sale or not. However, if your customer isn’t quite sure or wants to compare costs between companies, being able to honor your original estimate can solidify you as the best choice in channel letters by: 

  • Establishing trust between you and your customer

  • Demonstrating your pricing transparency 

  • Highlighting your expertise in the industry

The Danger Of Ever-Changing Estimates 

Let’s face it - no one wants to find out the number they were quoted has changed within just a few weeks. Most channel letter manufacturers offer estimates that are good for 14 days, and only a handful offer guaranteed estimates for up to 60 days. Putting too much pressure on closing the deal quickly or having to explain an increased quote can cost you the sale - and even damage your reputation going forward. 

How Long Should Signage Estimates Remain Valid? 

Direct Sign Wholesale offers estimates that are good for the entire year. This lets you build rapport with your potential customer, gives you time to address their concerns, and helps you gain their trust throughout the sales cycle. As one of the largest channel letter manufacturers in the country, we buy our materials in bulk directly from the source - which allows us to pass on savings and estimate guarantees to you and your customers. No matter what your client’s budget or preferred materials are, Direct Sign Wholesale will offer an accurate, long-lasting estimate you can count on.

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