A Style For Every Business: Our Three Series Of Channel Letters



We recognize that each business is unique, and so are the needs for channel letters. Maybe your customer is a first-time business owner looking to be price-conscious about their purchase. Or maybe they have a long-term, permanent location and need channel letters that will stand the test of time. Regardless of budget, business type, or location, at Direct Sign Wholesale, we’ve got a channel letter series that meets your customers’ needs. And at DSW, we’re proud to offer the best channel letter warranty in the business, because we want your client to feel secure in their purchase. In this month’s blog, we’re discussing our DSW Lean, Red, and Black Series of channel letters to help you - and your customers - decide which style of channel letter best fits your needs.


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DSW Lean Series

This is our version of “good” channel letters. The DSW Lean Series are high quality channel letters on a budget, and you might find them in high-traffic locations like shopping centers and strip mall plazas. The DSW Lean Series is a good option for:

  • First time business owners 

  • Businesses on a budget

  • Businesses looking for good quality at an affordable price 


At DSW, we’re committed to ensuring everyone can afford high quality channel letters. Even if your customer’s business is on a tight budget, they still need to advertise - and our Lean Series helps them do just that. The Lean Series markets a business better than FCO letters, and offers a high quality product that is cost effective.


This is what really sets DSW apart from the competition. Most channel letter manufacturers offer a warranty of six months. But at DSW, our Lean Series channel letters come with a one year warranty (no labor). We pride ourselves on our integrity when we produce our letters - and we want you to feel at ease knowing that when you shop with us, you’re getting a high quality product.


Red Series

The Red Series is our version of “better” channel letters. These are DSW’s flagship channel letters, and the industry standard. The Red Series of channel letters are great for established businesses who have the budget for - and understand the value of - high quality signage. You typically see these signs in new shopping centers, main street businesses, or privately owned buildings. 


Perhaps your customer wants to update their business's signage and they are willing to pay for more longevity, or maybe they’re opening a second location and want to really make an impact. Regardless, DSW’s Red Series channel letters are a great product, with a strong warranty backing them. By purchasing these letters, you’ll be buying letters that stand the test of time - creating happy customers and generating you referrals.


At DSW, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading warranties. When you purchase Red Series channel letters, your purchase comes with a five year warranty, with one year limited labor. We think that integrity matters. And by backing our Red Series with an excellent warranty, we guarantee you’re getting a high quality product that will last.


Black Series

This is our “best” version of channel letters. The Black Series are luxury channel letters for those who want the very best. Our Black Series letters are ideal for corporate clients, where image matters more than cost, or for a company with a permanent location looking for a sign that stands the test of time. You might see these letters at high-rise office buildings, upscale malls, or expensive car dealerships. When you purchase the Black Series from DSW, you’re getting the very best channel letters in the industry.


The DSW Black Series letters are the best of the best. For clients like banks and financial corporations, high-end restaurants, or boutiques and spas, displaying our Black Series letters is all about sending a message: this business is second to none. These letters help your customers stand out from the competition - and they’ll stand the test of time.



We know that purchasing Black Series letters is a big investment. That’s why we back your purchase with a seven year warranty, with three years limited labor. This warranty blows the competition out of the water, and sets DSW apart in terms of integrity and quality. When you shop with DSW, we want you to trust that our channel letters are the highest quality on the market - and we hope our warranty gives you peace of mind with your purchase. 


The DSW Difference 

As one of the largest channel letter manufacturers in the country, integrity is our top priority. At DSW, we know that purchasing channel letters is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident in your purchase. Our quality letters, available for every business and budget, are the best on the market. And each purchase is backed with an industry-leading warranty. 

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