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Increase Your Revenues with More Add-on Sales

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 by John Baylis
Increase Your Revenues with More Add-on SalesYou know the importance of referrals. They are a critical part of the growth of your business. But which other type of sale is equally important?The answer is add-on sales. They are the easiest way to grow your signage business, and they can have a breathtaking “multiplying effect” over time.

How to Use White with Channel Letters

Posted on Oct 26, 2016 by John Baylis
Is your client considering white faces for their channel letter sign? White has many advantages as a color but also some limitations. Here are a few items to consider.White is associated with light, innocence and purity. It is sometimes known as the “color of perfection.” Doctors wear white jackets for the association with these properties.

Using Yellow for Channel Letter Faces

Posted on Sep 23, 2016 by John Baylis
Using Yellow for Channel Letter Faces Our next item in the “acrylic color” series is the color yellow. The color yellow has some interesting qualities for channel letter use. First, yellow is a primary color, and is one of the most noticeable of all the colors. It is often the first color to draw the eye when a consumer is shown a color set.

How To Use The Color Blue in Channel Letters

Posted on Aug 29, 2016 by John Baylis
Is your client considering blue for their face color? Be sure to pass along these blue usage guidelines. This color may have challenges when specified for a channel letter sign.Blue has many positive qualities as a sign and branding color. For example, trust, honesty and loyalty are associated with blue (“true blue”.) Banks and insurance companies sometimes have blue included in their branding colors due to these...

Which Color is Best for Restaurant Signage?

Posted on Jul 27, 2016 by John Baylis
Your signage client wants to know the best color to include in their new restaurant sign. The restaurant is fast/casual dining. What recommendation would you make?Red should be high on your list. Why is red such an appropriate color for this business type?First, red is a primary color that increases enthusiasm and stimulates energy. This quality alone makes it particularly appropriate for fast food restaurants.