Effective Signage Ideas

Which Color is Best for Restaurant Signage?

Your signage client wants to know the best color to include in their new restaurant sign. The restaurant is fast/casual dining. What recommendation would you make?

Red should be high on your list. Why is red such an appropriate color for this business type?

First, red is a primary color that increases enthusiasm and stimulates energy. This quality alone makes it particularly appropriate for fast food restaurants.

Sell More Signage with Emotional Appeal

You’ve probably heard the old axiom that people buy things emotionally, but then justify them logically. That applies to signage as well, including channel letters.

Which emotion would often be associated with a signage purchase? Pride. The emotion that often results from owning a successful business. The emotion of pride is closely linked to what this Harvard Business Review article calls “identity value.”

Why Red Should be on Your Night Visibility Color List

Why Red Should Be on Your Night Visibility Color List

Your client just asked you for a color that has good night visibility. What do you tell them? A while back, we discussed white as a high visibility night color. Red is another contender. But why? Here is the answer. The cones of the human eye are clustered in the center of the pupil. The eye has three types of cones – red receptive, blue receptive and green receptive.

More Effective Signage in a Single Step

More Effective Signage in a Single Step

You know one of the standard problems with installing effective signage. It is “drown out”, or the tendency for a single sign to become inconspicuous in a competitive signage environment. How can you make your customer’s channel letter set stand out and be noticed?

Use this trick from the art world. Complementary colors. We’ve touched on this in a previous post and it is time to briefly revisit it. This idea works for daytime sign viewing – it will not help at night.

A Street Fighting Sign Color Combination

Your customer’s channel letter sign will be in a crowded and distracting sign environment.

What is an effective color combination to use to get your customer’s fair share of attention? Keep it simple. Red face with a black return and trim cap is hard to beat.

Why is that a good combination? First, the color red is powerful. It has a long wavelength on the color spectrum.

Red also tends to appear to be closer than it actually is, so it grabs our attention first (that is why red is used in traffic lights.)

A Quick Idea for Increased Sign Effectiveness

What is a simple way to increase the probability that a channel letter sign will be effective?

Here is one easy way: make sure your client’s sign ranks high on the legibility scale. Not the readability scale, the legibility scale. They are two different things.

Here are two quick definitions: legibility is the ability for a person to read something without effort. The typeface does not require a mental “translation” – it is quickly comprehended.

What is a Backer Panel?

What is a Backer Panel?

Backer Panel Definition

A backer panel is an optional channel letter sign feature that can help to optimize the appearance of your customer’s channel letter set. These structures are also known as backing boards, backer plates or simply backers. A backer panel is basically a flat structure mounted behind the sign letters - like a picture frame. Panels are typically painted a color that is selected to display the sign most favorably.

Effective Sign Design From the Get-Go

If your client is starting a business, effective signage can be one of their greatest (not to mention most affordable) marketing tools. Channel letter signs, as well as others, are generally the first business impression a customer receives, so you want to make sure they are eye-catching, professional and clear. Of course, the key to a good sign is attractive company branding and design. So, from the get-go, you want to make sure your logo, fonts and colors will work well with any medium, from print, web to signage!