LED Channel Letter Installation Instructions

All Direct Sign Wholesale signs are shipped with the assumption they will be installed in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code Article 600 and/or other applicable local codes, including proper grounding and bonding. Below is a detailed channel letter installation guide, or watch our instructional sign installation videos on How to Wire RGB LED Channel Letters and Channel Letters Raceway and Wireway Mounting. 

  1. All letter sets include a drawing that detail the arrangement of the subassemblies for reference.
  2. Unroll the enclosed paper pattern, and attach to desired wall, ensuring pattern is centered and level. Drill holes for secondary low voltage whips and mounting holes and remove guide.
  3. Use the template to mount the letters on the wall. If the letter set does not have rivet nuts, remove the faces to push secondary low voltage whips through the substrate. Mount the letters and replace the faces.
  4. If the letterset does have rivet nuts, install the threaded rod into rivet nuts, thread secondary low voltage whips (run in metal conduit) through the substrate and secure with hardware from the back side of substrate.
  5. To splice the secondary conductors, refer to wiring diagram below (Figure 1) and the transformer breakdown diagram that is provided with each letter set.
    1. Each secondary circuit has a dedicated transformer and is color-coded on the transformer breakdown sheet.
    2. Use a crimping tool to connect all of the positive leads (which are red or white) from each letter in the secondary circuit together in parallel using UL-approved wire nuts or crimp connectors.
    3. Next, connect all of the negative leads (which are black) from each letter in the secondary circuit together in the same manner.
    4. Finally, connect all of the ground leads (which are bare wire with no insulation).
    5. Repeat this process for each secondary circuit.
  6. No transformer box is required if a Sloan damp location rated transformer is available, (skip to step 9).
  7. If any other transformer is available, a transformer box will also be supplied in your letter set. In this case, mount the transformer box OPEN SIDE UP as close as possible to the center of the circuit that it will be powering.
    1. The transformer box should be mounted as per the manufacturer’s instructions, at the same height as the letter set to minimize whip lengths.
  8. Route the three-secondary circuit leads (positive, negative and ground) inside the transformer box.
  9. Connect the three-secondary circuit leads (positive, negative and ground) to the transformer and/or transformer box as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  10. Connect the primary electrical supply to the transformer as per the transformer manufacturer’s instructions.
  11. Repeat the steps above for each transformer circuit.
  12. You must install at least one On/Off switch, rated for the application, on the primary "hot" lead within the line of sight of the transformers.
  13. Signs cannot be connected to a branch circuit exceeding 30 amperes.