Channel Letter Height

Here is a quick way to build your signage business.
Just make sure your customer's new channel letter sign
is easily legible from the distance that it needs to
be read. That customer's good signage results will
build your referrals - and your business.

So, given the distance, how do you calculate the letter size?

First, let your customer know that contrast and letter
kerning are both important factors in a sign's visibility
and legibility. Advise your customer to use an easy to
read, correctly kerned font with a clearly contrasting
face/return color combination.

Second, check the Letter Visibility Chart for
readability distances, and find the correct letter height
for your customer's sign. Note that there is a difference
between the distance for maximum impact and the readable
distance. We recommend using the maximum impact distance -
that will ensure your customer's sign is both visible
and effective.