LED or Neon

Published by Direct Sign Wholesale 9/19/2007

Your customer is asking you whether they should use LED
or neon lighting in their new channel letter sign. What
is your brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages
of LED lighting? (Please keep in mind this e-mail is an
incomplete review of this changing topic - call us for
specific LED/Neon questions.)

First, let your customer know that either neon or LED can
be appropriate depending on the specific job at hand.
Variables include the sign color, size and installation

Potential LED advantages compared to neon include:
1. Usually more energy efficient
2. Less fragile
3. Easier installation in some cases (conduit is not always
needed on the secondary side)
4. Potential of less maintenance

Potential LED disadvantages compared to neon include:
1. LED cost per lumen (for comparable brightness) for
white/blue/green spectrum can be higher
2. Spotting or "tiger striping" can be created when an
insufficient number of LED lighting strokes are used
3. Fewer color options - custom colors can usually be better
attained through neon (and/or vinyl)
4. Less effective for Front/Back lit and Open Faced letters

Also, keep in mind that not all LED lighting is created equal.
To grow your reputation and referrals, your customer’s new
sign should light brightly for years. That may not happen with
low quality LED. Direct Sign Wholesale uses only high quality LED.