Readability Level

Your customer wants their new channel letter sign to
read "David's All Star Authentic Southwestern Grill
and Barbeque." He also wants the sign font to be an
elaborate script. You know the sign will be mounted
parallel to a road with a speed limit of 45 mph, and
will be about 50 feet away from the street. Does this
sound like an effective sign scenario?

First, let your customer know that an effective sign
needs to be readable - quickly. This particularly applies
when a sign will typically be read from a moving vehicle.
Drivers have only a short time to read, and a scripted
font will add to the reading time.

Second, reference the chart for readability
times. Note that David's proposed sign would take 5.6
seconds for an average reader (8 words) - far too long when
quick readability is the effectiveness key. Ask your
customer to consider shorter sign wording - and also
a non-scripted, correctly kerned font .