Your Site Survey Checklist

You are about to walk out the door for your channel letter
site survey, and the location is 22 miles away. Do you have
everything you need to make an accurate quotation?

First, review the list below, and make sure you gather all
of this information. You'll be able to get some of this when
you are on site, and some will require contacting other parties
(such as the building owner/landlord.)

1. The project budget
2. Landlord signage requirements (channel letter type, etc.)
3. City signage requirements (Square foot vs. linear foot, etc.)
4. Storefront length and height
5. Opposite side of mounting wall information/wiring accessibility
6. Building substrate type and color

Second, before your trip, print and check off the attached channel
letter sales tool checklist. Then you should have everything you
need to make a thorough and professional signage quotation.