Channel Letter Logo Boxes

Channel Letter Signage does not have to be just letters. Many customers don’t know they can add their logo as well. To further brand their business and make a bigger visual impact, talk to your customers about channel letter logo boxes.

A separate element, a logo box, sometimes referred to as a contoured channel letter or a contoured logo, can display a logo or an intricately written tagline. Paired with typical channel letter signage, the visual impact is much more dynamic to passersby, whether walking or driving.   

In addition to added “visual pop,” logo boxes are excellent ways to increase brand awareness with a company’s logo, reinforce brand recognition, as well as easily communicate a business or service (such as “burgers,” “florist” or “cakes”) over just words alone.

To create channel letter logos, we create the overall shape outline and affix with either a colored vinyl application or a digital print for complete customization of a company logo.

To clarify, lit logo boxes are a bit different than a typical lit logo box or cabinet sign, which usually are limited to squared corners and are lit by fluorescent tubing. Logo boxes can be contoured to any shape and are generally illuminated by LED lighting, giving your customer more options, possibilities and punch. 

Channel Letter Logo Boxes are a great way to get a formed logo to a point.  We stop manufacturing them at 25 square feet.  The reason is the quality deteriorates above that size.  Really logos larger than 25 square feet should be made with extrusions or flexible faces, of which DSW does not manufacture. Contact your sales representative with questions.

Channel Letter Logo Box

Juicy Kitchen Logo Box

Juicy Kitchen Channel Letter Logo Box

Cloud Berry Cleaners Channel Letter Sign with Flower Logo Box