LED Channel Letters

Channel letters are typically illuminated with either neon or LED (light emitting diodes). Neon was previously the primary illumination media, but in the past few years LED has become the main lighting source for channel letter signage. 

When you hear the term “LED channel letters”, it typically means a standard letter set illuminated with LED modules rather than neon. 

LED illumination offers several compelling advantages. For example, LED is more resistant to shock and vibration which is helpful during both channel letter delivery and installation.

Second, LED is more energy efficient. It consumes less power than neon illumination so your client’s utility bill will be lower.

Third, LED is a more environmentally friendly product. Neon tubes contain mercury. Some cities and municipalities are more likely to issue a permit for LED channel letters due to this greater degree of “greenness.”

LED Channel Letters

LED Illumination Installed in a Channel Letter Can

Fourth, LED letters use a lower voltage transformer (or power supply.) Ground fault protection is not always necessary.

So LED channel letters offer many advantages and are a continually evolving technology. The newer generation of LED has a larger viewing angle which permits larger acrylic face areas to be brightly lit with a single module. This larger “light cone” also permits channel letter returns which are narrower than the standard 5” to receive bright illumination.

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