LED Channel LettersChannel letters are typically illuminated with LED (light emitting diod
Channel Letter Logo Boxes
Channel Letter Signage does not have to be just letters. Many customers don’t know they can add their logo as well. To further brand their business and make a bigger visual impact, talk to your customers about channel letter logo boxes.A separate element, a logo box, sometimes referred to as a contoured channel letter or a contoured logo, can display a logo or an intricately written tagline. Paired with typical channel letter signage, the visual impact is much more dynamic to passersby, whether walking or driving.   
Channel Letter Signs
Channel letter signs are an impactful signage choice. They are 3-D letter signs that are dynamic, eye-catching, and sure to attract customers to your client’s store. The letters are bold, individually-lit, and individually-built to ensure the most visibility.
Channel Letters
What Are Channel Letters?Channel letters are the metal and plastic letters you see on store signage. They’re used on public and commercial buildings and usually internally illuminated.
Direct Sign Wholesale is both capable and experienced with National Account channel letter signage programs. We offer national accounts the following special terms: