Channel Letter Information Guide

Our informative product reference poster gives you fast information!

Company Brochure

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Channel Letter Material Color Charts

Get the full color spectrum for the differing channel letter materials.

Cut Sheet Diagrams

Is the city (or municipality) asking for a more detailed diagram of your proposed channel letter sign? Or do you simply need to show your client a breakdown of how a letter is constructed? Our cut sheet diagrams will help.

Installation Directory

Are you looking for a sign installation company in your area? The channel letter installation directory is your fast source!

Channel Letter Production Parameters

Channel letter size matters! Both small and large channel letter signs have unique concerns. A few items to note prior to submitting a production order for small or large letter sets.

Channel Letter Videos

Library of our company videos on our production, processes and general channel letter information.


Need a quick channel letter term definition? Here is a list of channel letter terms from A to Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some answers to a few common company and channel letter questions.