Channel Letter Production Parameters

Channel letter size matters! Both small and large channel letter signs have unique concerns.

Here are a few items to note prior to submitting a production order for small or large letter sets.

Small Channel Letters

A rule of thumb is that any channel letter smaller than 8” tall may have at least one channel that is too small for illumination installation. If any letter area is too small, we will alter the font and submit the alterations to you for approval prior to production. This process may cause a production delay.

For example, the lower letter set in the diagram below included an area that had a channel that is too small for channel letter LED installation. The font was adjusted to the upper letter configuration to allow enough space for correct illumination installation.

The bottom line is: the minimum stroke for LED illumination is 1.5”. If your font specifies a smaller stroke, we will adjust the artwork and submit it back to you for approval.

Large Channel Letters

Large channel letters also have production concerns. First, letters over 48” tall use impact resistant acrylic rather than standard. This decreases the chance of the letter face cracking during shipping and installation, and also increases the sign’s structural strength.

Impact resistant acrylic is much stronger than standard, and is better suited to handle the stress load associated with large letter faces.

Very large letters (or logo boxes) cannot fit into a standard truck bed, and are broken down into sections for transit.  One example would be a letter V that is 9’ tall and 8’ wide.  This letter would leave in two sections (the left leg and right leg) to be seamed together in the field during installation.  Using standard acrylic, the largest logo box we can ship without seaming is 4’ by 8’. The largest we can ship with impact modified acrylic is 5’ by 10’.