Channel Letter Vinyl Color Chart

The usage of vinyl can help to give your channel letters a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. This optional translucent material is applied directly to the acrylic sign face. Vinyl is an easy-to-use material to further customize and enhance the appearance of a set of wholesale channel letters.

A specialized vinyl type (perforated) may also be used to give your letters one face color appearance during the day, and then a different color when illuminated at night. For example, your sign could have a black letter face appearance during the day, and then a white or red appearance at night. Other day/night color combinations are also available.

Overall, vinyl provides an additional set of color and appearance customizing options for your channel letters at a nominal additional cost. Please contact us with questions.

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The chart below shows 3M translucent vinyl colors. Standard colors are in stock. Nonstandard colors are also available.

Channel Letter Vinyl Color Chart