Channel letter sales

Save Time by Asking These Key Questions

One time saving sales step is to get all of the basic project information out on the table at your initial meeting with a potential new channel letter client.

What are the key questions to ask when you meet with a new prospect? Asking these questions should give you a good read on the basics of the project:

1. Is your new channel letter sign already designed?

2. (If no to question #1) Who will design the sign?

Use the FUD Concept to Sell More Signs

Remember your basics in signage sales. One of which is the “FUD” concept. It has been used successfully by salespeople for years, and you can use it too.

FUD stand for fear, uncertainty and doubt – something that every business owner has to a degree. You can plant FUD seeds periodically in your channel letter sales presentations. Just don’t overuse them.

What are some typical business owner fears? Here are a few:

* Fear of declining revenues

Does Your Signage Proposal Lack Selling Power?

Last month, our post listed five elements to place in your channel letter (or other sign type) proposal to give it more selling power.

Those elements were:

* Keep it Simple

* Broadcast Your Biggest Benefit

* Customize Your Proposal

* Be Specific

* Put Emotion into Your Proposal

We received a post comment asking for an actual proposal that incorporates these important sales elements.