Channel Letter Product Testimonials

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"So, in a nut shell, your guys did a fantastic job building this sign for us and look forward to more projects in the near future!"

Maryann - Phoenix, AZ

"We finally put the vinyl on our sign we ordered from you guys and installed it and we LOVE it (it looks even better in person)!    We're always happy with anything we receive from DSW.  You guys are fantastic to work with. Thanks for making awesome products that make us look awesome too :) "

Dayna & the CMI Team - Safford, AZ

"We are always pleased to refer a vendor who offers value and the service level you always have shown to our company.  Keep up the great work you do for us."

Bill - Lawrenceville, NJ

"Such high quality and service from your company - all we need to do is design, sell and install. Leave the fabrication to the experts."

Jeff - Windsor, ON

"I want to take a second and say thank you for sending me one of your sales guides. It is very well done and thought out. I will have it available to our sales staff and will request a few more after we see how well they use them."

Michael Stanton, CA

"Wow! This channel letter sales guide is fantastic. You guys have really impressed me with your e-letters, posters and marketing materials. Thank you for keeping us on your mailing list. Would it be possible to receive some extra Channel Letter Sales Guides for our other 4 salespeople?"

Paul Tyler, TX

"I just received your direct mail piece with the brochure enclosed. Great work and portrays an excellent image. Thanks!"

Oren Carrollton, TX

"The new Channel Letter Sales Guide that I received this morning in the mail is a very well designed piece and a much needed addition to my sales materials for prospective clients. I would like to extend a sincere compliment on the design and practicality of this new piece. Only one of the several reasons that we choose to due business with Direct Sign Wholesale. Many thanks for making our presentations more professional and easier!"

Paul Elkridge, MD

"Thanks Dave! You guys are the best. I know we aren't your biggest customers by any stretch of the imagination but I'm always telling people how you guys are our favorite vendor and we always look forward to working with you. Next time in Colorado I'll have to buy you lunch..."

Michael West Carrollton, OH

"Direct Sign Wholesale always comes through for us with a great product at a good price. Always look forward to working with you guys. Thank you and we look forward to working on many projects going forward."

James - Pottstown, PA

"It’s been a great year for us, especially in the "channel letters" column on my charts. I've got to let you know that I appreciate the quality, speed and customer service. It allows me to compete and mostly win…when up against the locals."

Don Lincoln, NE

"It has been a pleasure on my end to work with you and your company. You told me right from the start when you were going to be able to start, you committed to that time frame and you are going to deliver early. I have two other vendors that I used in this program and your company has by far outshined them both."

Kevin - Panama City Beach, FL

"A beautiful sign at a great price. Thank you."

Gus - Rochester, NH

"Yea, when we got the Bank of America letters via Freight.. I was shocked how you all made the crates, but dang if they didn’t work really well. So good job!"

Gardner - Overland Park, KS