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May 5, 2022

Deep Dive: The DSW Red Series

Warm Springs Dental Channel Letter Sign

We’ve already introduced you to the Lean series of our groundbreaking new Lean, Red, and Black series of channel letters. The Red series is likely the option in this series of channel letters that your clients will most recognize—in almost every aspect, our Red series is the same as our traditional channel letter offerings. The signage options in the Red series of channel letters provide a solid range of customization options, a great warranty, and high-quality parts and materials your clients can feel comfortable relying on. In this deep dive into our Red series of channel letters, we want to elaborate on the specific benefits and selling points of this category of our wholesale channel letters.

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Here are some of the best value points of our Red series of custom LED channel letters. 

What Sets the Red Series of Channel Letters Apart

Longevity Provides Your Customers Peace of Mind

With the Red series of LED channel letters, your clients receive a full, five-year warranty on any sign they choose, regardless of design and customization. For a decent channel lettering sign cost, your clients who choose to go with the Red series of custom LED channel letters will also be able to take advantage of Direct Sign Wholesale’s guaranteed product quality and maintenance. 

Cost-Effective Versatility Provides Optimal Customization

One of the true highlights of the Red series of LED channel letters is the ability for your clients to fully customize their signage. Red letters come with 3/16” acrylic and principal quick mod LEDs, and we can make them with 3 or 5-inch returns, and they can be anywhere from 8 to 59 inches tall. The color choices and the design choices available to your clients within this line of custom LED channel lettering are wide and provide your clients with plenty of options for getting the look they’re hoping for in their sign. 

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Strategies for Selling the Red Series of Channel Letters

Understand Who Your Customers Are

It goes without saying that when selling the Red series of DSW channel letters, you should first understand who your customers are. Do they use their brick and mortar very often? Where are they located? What kinds of hoops will they have to jump through when obtaining a permit for sign installation? Who is their clientele? Signage is a vital part of company branding for your clients, but a lot more than just budget and design aesthetics goes into helping them determine which sign option is right for their businesses. 

Think Through Different Scenarios and Show Examples

With the Red series, your clients aren’t just buying cookie-cutter signage, but rather have the option of fully personalizing the look of their store, no matter what business they’re in.

For instance, this sign, which was produced for a company called Chocolate Works, shows exactly how versatile the Red series of channel letters can be.

This example uses a combination of front and backlighting, this sign is mounted on a DSW wireway which was painted to blend into the marbleized, gray facade of their building. By adding custom vinyl on the faces of the letters, the letters take on a chocolatey look. But what really sets this sign’s design apart is that the client also cut a custom contoured backer panel to go in between the letter backs and the mounting, so that the chocolate letters look almost like they’re melting into the wall when the sign is lit. 

Building out your portfolio with photos of custom designs like these can help your clients visualize exactly how their signage could look, if they were to go with the Red series of channel letters over the Lean series of channel letters.  

For these and many other reasons, our Red series of wholesale channel letters make a smart choice for most all types of businesses, so long as they are interested in obtaining the sleek, classic look of customizable channel letters, and as long as they plan to be in their building for at least a few years. For more information about our Lean, Red, and Black series of wholesale channel letter products, contact us today or download a brochure.