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December 14, 2015

Do You Make This Signage Sales Mistake?

Sign Sales Mistakes

Here is a hot selling tip: don’t try to solve a signage problem when you don’t know what the problem is.  When you have a receptive prospect, it can be very tempting to tell them what they need prior to finding out the real signage issue.

This is not restricted to channel letters – it applies to any type of signage. You often hear of the importance of listening in sales training. This is where listening can pay off. When your potential customer begins to explain their signage issue, listen all the way through.

Here are some potential sales questions to get them talking: 1. What are your primary goals for your new signage?

2. (If they have existing signage) What problems do you have with your current signage?

3. What type of signage have you seen that you may be interested in?

For example, if you don’t fully listen to your client, you may suggest they buy a monument sign for their facility entrance. However, if you had listened they would have told you the owner has already decided they prefer to add a channel letter set to the building exterior. The point is this – find out the signage issue prior to suggesting a solution. The way to do that is to ask questions and listen. Then you can zero in on a solution – and close the sale.