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August 20, 2014

How to Sell Signage Quality


What is an effective method to sell signage quality? Here is a hint: a famous businessman once said: “I would not stay up all of one night to make $100, but I would stay up all of 7 nights to keep from losing it.” A similar quote is “the way to value something is to realize it may be lost.” So the point is the risk of loss is often a greater incentive than the prospect of gain. That risk of loss is one of your best tactics for selling signage quality. What does a customer risk losing when they buy low quality signage products? The first is a superior long term sign appearance. Every sign looks good on the day it is delivered. However, a sign produced with high quality components (and assembly) will maintain that positive appearance for years. Low quality signage will not. The lower quality components (such as faded acrylic or chipped paint on channel letters) will diminish the sign’s long term appearance – and your customer’s brand image with it. What else is lost when your customer purchases a low quality sign? This is an important one – peace of mind. Low quality electrical signage is more prone to operating problems such as illumination flickering and/or dimming. Fixing those issues can be a distracting, time consuming headache for a business owner – and can be avoided by purchasing high quality signage. So base your quality selling on what the customer will not have if they buy low quality signage. We’ll detail some of the specific quality differences for our product (channel letters) beginning next month.