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November 28, 2016

Increase Your Revenues with More Add-on Sales

Vida Fitness Channel Letter sign during the day

Increase Your Revenues with More Add-on Sales

You know the importance of referrals. They are a critical part of the growth of your business. But which other type of sale is equally important?

The answer is add-on sales. They are the easiest way to grow your signage business, and they can have a breathtaking “multiplying effect” over time.

What is an add-on sale? It is an additional sale to a business that has already purchased from you. Each signage sale can lead to another if the first purchase was done correctly.

Which type of sign often leads to add-on sales? Channel letters. Letters lead to add-on sales because they are often the businesses’ single most prominent sign.

If you competently handle a channel letter installation, that customer will trust you to handle their smaller signage sales.

Window signs, street signs, you name it. But the best situation is when your customer opens an additional location. That is a signage gold mine, and you’ll be in the driver’s seat to get all of that work.

Use channel letter sales to get add-on sales. They will accelerate the growth of your signage business.