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June 10, 2014

Sign Design: ALL CAPS are a No-No


John Baylis, Marketing Director at Direct Sign Wholesale, writes about the disadvantages of single-case signs in the June 2014 edition of Mid South Sign Association’s newsletter. Read the full article: More Effective Signage: A Quick Tip!”

When trying to convey emphasis or excitement within text, people often resort to USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. However, when it comes to signage, this is one of decision to reconsider. Channel letter signs need to be legible at a variety of distances and speeds, and using all uppercase characters actually decreases readability. This is due to the fact that a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters gives words more distinctive shapes, therefore making them up to 15% easier—and faster—to read.

If your customer requests a sign in all capital letters, we recommend using a mixture of uppercase and lowercase characters instead, which will result in a far more effective sign. Read the full article in the June 2014 edition of Mid South Messenger: More Effective Signage: A Quick Tip!”