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May 28, 2015

A Street Fighting Sign Color Combination


Your customer’s channel letter sign will be in a crowded and distracting sign environment.

What is an effective color combination to use to get your customer’s fair share of attention? Keep it simple. Red face with a black return and trim cap is hard to beat.

Why is that a good combination? First, the color red is powerful. It has a long wavelength on the color spectrum.

Red also tends to appear to be closer than it actually is, so it grabs our attention first (that is why red is used in traffic lights.)

Red is also a stimulating color; it raises the pulse rate.

In addition, red is one of the top two favorite colors. It is also featured in about 77% of all flags and it is a primary color.


Red has a long list of favorable qualities.  Then, couple that red face color with a black return for your customer’s channel letters.

The psychological effect of black is essentially an absence of light so no wavelengths are reflected.

Black communicates absolute clarity with no fine nuances. It also creates a perception of weight and seriousness.

That combination creates an easy and effective one-two color punch and will permit your customer’s

sign to compete for attention even in a crowded signage environment. See this post from our archive

for further information on effective sign color combinations: