Front Lit Channel Letters

Front lit are the most common channel letter type. As the name implies, these signs emit illumination only from the front (or face) of the letters. They are often used in both shopping malls and outdoor plazas. 

Front lit channel letters can be either raceway or flush mounted. Direct Sign Wholesale can produce this letter type in many different font and color combinations.

Front lit are also sometimes called "standard" channel letters. Please contact us for a prompt wholesale channel letter quotation.

For Front Lit channel letter signage, Direct Sign Wholesale offers:

  • Any font style
  • 5" prefinished aluminum returns (3" available in some colors)
  • Aluminum backs
  • Acrylic faces
  • 1" Trim cap
  • LED illumination
  • U.L. Listed

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Color charts for front lit letter components

Acrylic colors     Return colors     Trim cap colors     Vinyl colors

Front Lit Channel Letters

Direct Sign Wholesale can fabricate nonstandard letters according to your project specifications.

All DSW channel letters are U.L. listed, and only the highest quality materials are used along with proven components when producing your sign.

Front Lit Channel Letters