Our clients have come to count on our high standard of quality, in both our products and our client partnership. Their success is our success. Don’t believe it from us? Hear what they have to say.

Korey – Minneapolis, MN

“Working with Merisa was fantastic in running down the Maryland job, as I wasn’t familiar with the shipper and their system. She was a HUGE help in relaying info to them from us and the installer, which allowed for the installer to pick up the sign from the airport AND install it all on the same day to meet a small window for their team. It went great!”

AE – Highlands Ranch, CO

“We have been very happy with the new trimless letters.  They look great, install very easily, and our clients can’t get enough of them.  We’d love to invite you over to our facility in Highlands Ranch, to give you a walk through and a better understanding of what we do.  We can really see DSW developing into a great partnership.”

Gardner – Overland Park, KS

“Yea, when we got the Bank of America letters via Freight. I was shocked how you all made the crates, but dang if they didn’t work really well. So good job!”

Gus – Rochester, NH

“A beautiful sign at a great price. Thank you.”

Kevin – Panama City Beach, FL

“It has been a pleasure on my end to work with you and your company. You told me right from the start when you were going to be able to start, you committed to that time frame and you are going to deliver early. I have two other vendors that I used in this program and your company has by far outshined them both.”

Don – Lincoln, NE

“It’s been a great year for us, especially in the “channel letters” column on my charts. I’ve got to let you know that I appreciate the quality, speed and customer service. It allows me to compete and mostly win…when up against the locals.”

James – Pottstown, PA

“Direct Sign Wholesale always comes through for us with a great product at a good price. Always look forward to working with you guys. Thank you and we look forward to working on many projects going forward.”

Michael – West Carrollton, OH

“You guys are the best. I know we aren’t your biggest customers by any stretch of the imagination but I’m always telling people how you guys are our favorite vendor and we always look forward to working with you. Next time in Colorado I’ll have to buy you lunch…”

Paul – Elkridge, MD

“The new Channel Letter Sales Guide that I received this morning in the mail is a very well designed piece and a much needed addition to my sales materials for prospective clients. I would like to extend a sincere compliment on the design and practicality of this new piece. Only one of the several reasons that we choose to due business with Direct Sign Wholesale. Many thanks for making our presentations more professional and easier!”

Oren – Carrollton, TX

“I just received your direct mail piece with the brochure enclosed. Great work and portrays an excellent image. Thanks!”