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Most sign companies sacrifice time, quality, or profits on every channel letter job. By partnering with Direct Sign Wholesale they benefit from our lean techniques, resulting in stress relief and happy customers.

Who We Are

Your Dedicated Wholesale Channel Letter Partner

Direct Sign Wholesale is the largest dedicated channel letter sign supplier in North America. We are Denver, CO-based and have been in business since 2002. Our #1 goal is to give sign retailers a high quality letter product and exceptional service so they can deliver their customers a premium experience.

A Wholesale Sign Supplier You Can Count On

As wholesale sign fabricators we see ourselves not as a vendor, but as your partner, with competitive pricing and the ability to produce letter projects of any size from a single set to 500 or more, shipped to any location in the U.S. or Canada. Read client reviews and learn about our Industry Association Memberships.

We Are Invested in Your Success

DSW's technology, green manufacturing practices, and dedication to process, protection and documentation ensure that your wholesale channel letter projects are completed and shipped on schedule. Our resources, and blog give individual sign retailers tips and training so that they can increase their staff knowledge and bottom line, while ensuring their customers are getting the best product for their needs.

We Look Forward to Partnering With You

If you are looking for wholesale channel letter signs, we look forward to partnering with you. Please note we sell wholesale to the trade (for resale) only.

Our Story

It All Began With A Sign

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